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Curated Nomad Ashbury Moroccan Area Rug

This beautiful, consecrated and sturdy rug is from the Moroccan area and is a sterling addition to all home, it is fabricated of 100% wool and is machine-washable. The rug is furthermore natural so it is free from harsh chemicals and irritates, this rug is an exceptional addition to your home and is sure to disappoint your neighbours.

Curated Nomad Ashbury Moroccan Area Rug Walmart

This moroccan-inspired rug is top-notch for any room of your home! Curated into individual pieces throughout the room, they are sterling for adding a touch of luxury to space, from the bedroom, these pieces give the look of delicate art nouveau art, while the afternoon sunlight is appreciate at first sight. This moroccan-themed area rug is first-rate for any room that might need a new look, the sleek black and gold design is facile to match any home décor. They provide a wide variety of high-quality, sustainable products and services, whether you're wanting for a luxurious piece of art or a practical flooring, these guys are go-to for whatever you need. You'll be loved for your stylish addition to each room! This moroccan-themed area rug is sure to make your home look like it's been from the future - and you'll be happy you bought it! The rug is composed of a tough, durable fabric that is puissant for any room, and its styled of irradiated design will make your guests feel like they're from the future.