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Gothic Area Rug

This gothic-inspired area rug is sterling for the home with a corporate look or for use in an abstract-inspired design, the rug is produced of or wool and is beck's most popular item in their Gothic genre. The rug is black, but there are many different shades available for purchase at his store.

Gothic Style Area Rugs

This Gothic area rug is produced of 100% wool and is a first rate addition to each room, the rug is filled with pentagrams and symbols, making it splendid for any dark corner you might need the rug is again home to a small satanic goat, which will add some extra creepy atmosphere to your room. This Gothic black area rug is fantastic for any event this season, with its black and white hammered steel border, moth round area rug is will make your house look like an old-fashioned vacation spot. Other features of stellar zodiac ouija sun moon stars Gothic punk area rug is include an unique design that creates a dark and white polkadot design that will make you ra home look like a modern day vacation spot, this is a beautiful, dark, Gothic area rug. It is fabricated of rich, heavy-duty fabric and is a top-of-the-line versatile sofa cover, the pentagram and cat on the rug are symbol and together with the spider on the rug, form one of the most interesting and unique elements on the sofa. This rug is a fantastic addition to each room, and is sure to provide an atmosphere, this dark sun tan area rug peerless for any Gothic scene. The rug is produced of 100% wool and offers a sleek black finish, this rug is large enough to tailor all of your notes and about your room. The rue chaussée area rug is a must-have for any Gothic decor.