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Ikea Blue Area Rug

This Blue area rug is an unrivaled addition to your home and will give your room a modern and sleek look, the rug is white with Blue strips that are toscano-style, making it a first-rate substitute for a modern home.

Best Ikea Blue Area Rug

The Ikea Blue area rug is a first-class addition to room, the rug is black, and features an 2022 map of norway on the front and Blue and yellow numerals for 2 x 2 11 nato size. The back is conjointly blue, this top-of-the-heap piece of furniture could be a sterling addition to your home. This Ikea Blue area rug is fabricated with hand-woven Blue and disc-woven fabric, the height of the rug is 57 cm and the width of the rug is 710 cm. The length of the rug is 58 cm, the weight of the rug is at 930 kg. This Ikea Blue area rug is a flat-woven rug and is located in the 2027 stockholm store, it is in like manner a good source of color and comfort. This rug is outstanding for any room that needs in size, the Blue color is ran is rich and deep. The Ikea Blue area rug is a good alternative for a shopper scouring for a versatile area rug, it is 57. 5 x 31, 5 inches and it is manufactured of 100% wool. It is a good-quality, affordable rug that is first-rate for any room in your home.