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Lilo And Stitch Area Rug

This disney non-slip washable Lilo And Stitch area rug is blue border 80 x 150 cm, it is a top addition to your disney home And will keep your children safe And healthy.

Best Lilo And Stitch Area Rug

This dainty rug is a must-have for any disney babe in your home! The soft, delicious rug is sensational for between the mythology characters And the surrounding area rug for a spotless area-rug, org experience. This rug is a sterling match for your child's disney personality! It is soft, colorful, And will make their room look as if it was real! The rug is additionally large enough to tailor most kids' feet, this incredibly soft And comfortable rug is a terrific accessory for your child's room. With its non-slip washable surface, your child will never have to worry about losing their place, the rug is in like manner blue border And rug size is 80 x 150 cm. This rug is manufactured of 100% wool And is a best-in-class addition to your child's room, it is soft And smooth to the touch, And it coverage will keep your child's room clean And polished. This rug is further large enough to suit a few more items in the room, such as a door or a mirror, make sure to inquire into the other options on this for your child's room - they are all so beautiful.