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Oxiclean Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover

Introducing the newest addition to our Oxiclean line of area rug Stain removers! This 24 oz, can of Oxiclean Carpet and area rug Stain Remover is a powerful tool for removing any Carpet or area rug stain. The can be straightforward to handle and it can be used both on long or short hair areas and it presents edge design that will make your cleaning process easier, the can be in like manner safe for use on areas that are wood, tile, or other heavy surface fabrics. So whether you're cleaning up a breakage or problem areas of a Carpet or area rug, the Oxiclean Carpet and area rug Stain Remover will help.

Oxiclean Carpet And Area Rug Stain Remover

If you're experiencing an issue with your Carpet becoming stained over time, oxi clean can help, the quincy Carpet and area rug Stain Remover is a gentle, all-natural surrogate to remove blood, oils, and from your carpets and area rugs. It's first-rate for shoppers who are digging for an alternative to traditional Stain removal methods, such as a bottle of water and a clean cloth, do you have allergies? Oxiclean Carpet is a sterling surrogate for suitors with sensitivities. This Stain Remover is manufactured with all-natural ingredients to help clean and protect your carpet, with Oxiclean carpet, there is no need for harsh chemicals or risk of cross-contact allergies. Serve your guests with a fresh, clean Carpet instead of an area rug that is covered in staining, stench, and odor, Oxiclean Carpet and area rug is Carpet cleaning service that helps you to clean your entire home quickly and easily. At 64 oz, Oxiclean is a sensational size for large families or a large home, Oxiclean also helps you to clean accents and no-nonsense areas of your home, like hallways, corridors, and living spaces. The 64 oz, size is excellent for suitors who yearn to clean their home in just one day. Or for folks who yearn to clean their home in one day, Oxiclean is a powerful Carpet cleaner that is splendid for high-end apartments and homes. It is produced from natural and gentle ingredients that can clean any type of carpet, it is furthermore non-toxic and non-toxic for admirers who or using any special cleaners.